Jan 8, 2011

#01 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Inilah dia gambar terkini aku yang laki aku ambil pada 31/10/2010. Sorry la, aku ni bukan minat sangat ambil gambar sendiri. So ini pun kira recent juga la kan..

15 interesting facts about myself:

1) I'm the smallest in my family (and I am 155 cm according to my passport)
2) I'm married to my classmate (we're in the same class in 1994-1995)
3) I'm the most athletic member in my family (eventhough i'm the smallest)
4) Passionate about cooking (well, I got that talent from my mom)
5) Intend to make faces (whithout trying to hide it) when people asking stupid questions
6) Took Computer Science course kerana terpaksa (hated engineering even more.. :D)
7) Interested in extreme sports.
8) Did not like to shop for myself (shirts, dresses, handbags etc)
9) Had a perfect attendance record in primary school (tidak pernah ponteng walaupun sakit)
10) I am very good in arts (somehow I wonder, bukan aku selalu melukis pun)
11) Love to read mystery stories when I was young until now (if I had the time..)
12) The first grandaughter (in my mom and dad side) to study in university.. Yeay!!
13) Daddy's Girl
14) Got my first real job at 30.
15) Never had a pet.

Wheww!! Susah juga mo kasi cukup interesting facts pasal aku ni.. Ini sudah cukup untuk membuktikan aku ni kurang interesting orangnya.. hahaha


  1. Nda ko nambah BURUNG PANGIS liau????? Hahahaha

  2. hahaha.. blum terbukti lg tu..