Sep 7, 2009


I do think ramadhan does extend my passion to cooking into the next level. Well, face it.. sometimes bazaar food doesn't taste like it should be. So, people are getting creative with the recipes. I try to bake chocolate and cornflakes cookies recently. As funny as I thought the taste was, yet my hubby and my younger brother seems to love it. So, we assume it was a success. :)

I can't wait for this coming raya. This is my Baby Yana first raya ever. Of course, I'm excited. Hopefully she does to. At least my son Haikal are excited. His birthday is coming soon. I never celebrate his birthday since his birthday's always fall during raya and puasa. But, I'm going to celebrate it this year. Just families with birthday cake!

Aug 18, 2009

It's been so long

wow.. lama juga saya tidak blogging.. may be i'm too damn busy. Too many things happen in my life for the past few days. I'm busy at work (trying my best to be a super dooper worker - kunun la), and busy at home (i just have a baby girl last x-mas + another little boy who is eager to learn everything - I meant EVERYTHING). However, I love them both dearly.

My dear hubby is trying his hard to be helpful around the kids. I give him creadit for trying. He did suggest to find 'amah' to help around the house, but I think the real joy of having kids is always be around them and the real joy of being a mom/wife is always busy doing the house work - cooking, cleaning, etc.

My younger brother will be living with me for a few months - 4 months exactly. I really hope he'll be able to help out a bit around the house - at least try to manage himself.

Last night I watch "G.I. Joe" together with my hubby and son. I tried to remember what is G.I Joe is all about - since the cartoons is popular around 1985 - 1990 - my older brother is a big fan of this cartoon. All I can remember was Duke and Snake Eyes. Man!! it's been so long I didn't watch the cartoon. However, I did enjoyed it.

I should finished now. Ramadhan is around the corner. Hopefully I will be able to write a blog about my ramadhan. Lastly, Happy Ramadhan Everyone.

May 22, 2009

Baru bermula

I'm very exited to start my own blog. Come to think of it, make it my first blog. Where should I start? Hmmm..

Ok. I just pick up my batik from the tailor.. eventhough I gave her the perfect picture (in putting the flowers n everything), tapi lain pula jadinya.. Since I'm not that kind of person yang cerewet, saya bayar ja.

I went home.. as usual, cuba baju baru (just in case the size is increasing/decreasing). Standing in front of the mirror.. saying "nice cut", my son ran towards me and says "mama, mama macam ultraman!!". A bit wierd since the color is purple, far away from the ultraman suit.. then my husband came home. So, I asked him "kenapa Haikal cakap macam ultraman huh?" my hubby said "mungkin pasal objek di depan tu". Now I notice.. Luckily saya pakai tudung.. or else every children yang nampak saya akan panggil saya ultraman.. see for yourself.