Oct 24, 2013

Sukaneka 2013

Assalamualaikum :)

It's been a while...
A very loooooooooong while! 
Jadi apalah yang terjadi?
I'm busy playing 'catching up'.. Hahahaha

Let me summarize a few things that happened..

My Miss Impossible did participate in sukaneka for her school in

1. Perbarisan
2. Lari dalam kain
3. Tarik tali

But unfortunately, I forgot to bring my phone..

1 point for stupidity

Since I have to work (on saturday.. yea yea I know talking about bad luck!), I thought I was a genius asking my hubby to take care of Dyana and Haikal, while me myself angkut Hakim pergi ofis.

Dyana eventually missed acara lari dalam kain because...
My husband and the kids somehow went far far away from the event and ended up not hearing them calling..

And I thought I was a genius. I should just asked the teachers to look after Dyana..

Another point for stupidity

But still, I'm proud. She did the perbarisan (even though they didn't win) and Tarik tali with all her might (for a kid la..), but I could see the effort she put in. Although I still blame myself for the acara she missed.. hmmmffff!!

I'll definitely upload the pictures my husband took later.