Aug 18, 2009

It's been so long

wow.. lama juga saya tidak blogging.. may be i'm too damn busy. Too many things happen in my life for the past few days. I'm busy at work (trying my best to be a super dooper worker - kunun la), and busy at home (i just have a baby girl last x-mas + another little boy who is eager to learn everything - I meant EVERYTHING). However, I love them both dearly.

My dear hubby is trying his hard to be helpful around the kids. I give him creadit for trying. He did suggest to find 'amah' to help around the house, but I think the real joy of having kids is always be around them and the real joy of being a mom/wife is always busy doing the house work - cooking, cleaning, etc.

My younger brother will be living with me for a few months - 4 months exactly. I really hope he'll be able to help out a bit around the house - at least try to manage himself.

Last night I watch "G.I. Joe" together with my hubby and son. I tried to remember what is G.I Joe is all about - since the cartoons is popular around 1985 - 1990 - my older brother is a big fan of this cartoon. All I can remember was Duke and Snake Eyes. Man!! it's been so long I didn't watch the cartoon. However, I did enjoyed it.

I should finished now. Ramadhan is around the corner. Hopefully I will be able to write a blog about my ramadhan. Lastly, Happy Ramadhan Everyone.