May 22, 2009

Baru bermula

I'm very exited to start my own blog. Come to think of it, make it my first blog. Where should I start? Hmmm..

Ok. I just pick up my batik from the tailor.. eventhough I gave her the perfect picture (in putting the flowers n everything), tapi lain pula jadinya.. Since I'm not that kind of person yang cerewet, saya bayar ja.

I went home.. as usual, cuba baju baru (just in case the size is increasing/decreasing). Standing in front of the mirror.. saying "nice cut", my son ran towards me and says "mama, mama macam ultraman!!". A bit wierd since the color is purple, far away from the ultraman suit.. then my husband came home. So, I asked him "kenapa Haikal cakap macam ultraman huh?" my hubby said "mungkin pasal objek di depan tu". Now I notice.. Luckily saya pakai tudung.. or else every children yang nampak saya akan panggil saya ultraman.. see for yourself.