Dec 6, 2011

Ole Ole from KL

Assalamualaikum :)

This might be my last entry of my trip to KL. It has to end somehow kan? So, during my visit takkan la jalan2 cuci mata sambil garu2 tangan all the time kan? My ultimate mission during the trip sudah semestinya cari makan. Shopping come second.

Before this trip, I already listed down some of makanan yg harus dicari dan dimakan hanya di KL. Entah kenapa, aku rasa masakan di sana lebih menepati cita rasa aku.

1) Subway [sponsored by my sister - tq sis :)]
2) Putu piring [I bought this myself]
3) Yong Tau Fu [My brother went all over the Chow Kit Road but came up empty - Huhuhu]
4) Laksa [sponsored by my brother - tq again for all the trouble :)]
5) Nasi Paprik [I think I bought this myself or did my brother-in-law sponsored?]
6) Nasi Lemak Kerang/Sotong [I bought this almost every morning :D]
7) Kerang rebus [Again sponsored by my sis]

Most of the time, I was sponsored by my sister, my brother-in-law and my mom. Khususnya bab makan. Bertuahnya perut. Hehehe

The kids except for Aiman, cuma boleh makan nasi ayam atau nasi goreng cina. Mengikut pepatah kedayan, anak aku ni jatuh dalam kategori 'lidah ucing' or lidah kucing means tidak tahan pedas. So, yeah. Blame it on me sebab tidak latih diorang makan pedas. Hehehe

Then there is SHOPPING. Let's see what I've got.

Beg bunga bought by my mom from Vietnam - Loooovvvvee it!

Fabrics from Vietnam of course. My sister got all pink and red, mine are purple. It really took me back when we was a kid.

The coconut candy also from Vietnam. Aku makan ala2 sugus. Sekali melekat di gigi macam gigi palsu.

Fabric from Nagoya and some gerai di jalan Masjid India. Since, polka dot nampak begitu popular nowadays, everything has to be bulat2.. :)

Yeap! TUDUNG. You can call me 'minah ropol' from now on..

Some brooch. Nice eh?

That's all. Yup! I'm not crazy about shopping. Except for the tudungs :).

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