Apr 1, 2011

Books : Dark Of The Night

Riley O'Brien is the perfect political daughter; she is an invaluable asset to her father Senator Carter O'Brien as he makes his bid for the White House. Desolate after the deaths of her sister and mother, Riley has given her entire life over to her father's political career. Riley is just the kind of woman that investigative reporter Jake Mahoney can't stand -- an ice princess, just like his ex-wife. So he is anything but happy when he's forced to cover a campaign rally where Riley is the featured speaker. When a car bomb goes off, Jake ends up saving Riley's life, and suddenly he's not so sure that Riley is anything like his scheming ex-wife. As he gets to know Riley, he realizes that a murder investigation he's working on may be tied to the Senator's past -- a past that could destroy Riley and her entire family. (credit to http://www.readersread.com)

Boleh tahan juga la buku ni. Carter O'Brien dalam buku ni dikategorikan sbg org yg hensem dan tidak dimamah usia konon. Judging from the line of United States punya presidents, I don't actually blamed the writer untuk berangan2 dalam buku dia.

Si Riley, typical first daughter punya material. Dalam hati ckp tidak mau.. tapi kepala angguk2 juga. Dia kira sidekick bapa dia la. Kerja dia tukang buat kebajikan untuk kebaikan kempen bapa dia.

Jake Mahoney tukang kacau daun dlm buku ni. Itu ja yg aku boleh cakap. hehehe

All and all, awal2 cerita macam boring sikit. Masuk pertengahan buku baru make sense sikit. Tapi ending dia memang yang diluar jangkaan la. No worries.. it's a good ending.

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