Feb 13, 2012

Books : Final Hour

Assalamualaikum :)

Siapa sangka kan? Aku pun tidak sangka! Akhirnya aku berjaya juga menghabiskan masa membaca buku cerita yg sudah berapa kali di renew ni. Terima kasihlah, klinik kesihatan. Kalau bukan sebab aku rasa bosan main tunggu2 di klinik ni, sure aku tidak terbaca punya.

Apa pendapat aku tentang cerita ni? Quite ok la. Not too bad. Tapi ok la. Banyak misteri sikit. My kind of story. Most of the time, bila kita rasa mcm kita boleh agak jalan cerita ni.. TET!! Back to zero. Cuma aku macam mudah lost bila terlalu banyak nama yg involved. Confuse la kunun.

Nah, aku bagi sinopsis.. *aku ambil sinopsis ni dari cover belakang buku *

FBI Special Agent Jennifer Bennet is an African-American success story. On the biggest case of her young career, she's teamed up with Sean Alexander, a volatile agent who put himself on the extended leave of absence after he couldn't stop a terrorist from blowing up a school. Now, his demons of self-doubt could send both of their careers up in smoke...

The kidnapping of a politician's son has forced Sean back into action. The act is chillingly personal, with a ransom note meant to be understood only by him. Though Jennifer has no wish to see her career derailed by the mistakes of a burnt-out agent, she soon discovers that Sean is not the man she thinks he is. Brilliant and handsome, he earns more than her respect. And Jennifer finds herself by his side when they confront a killer who will come close to destroying him - from the inside out...

1) Dark Harbour - by Stuart Woods
2) Final Hour - by Tracey Tillis
3) Broken - by Karin Slaughther
4) The Scent of Rain dan Lightning - by Nancy Pickard
5) Death Gets A Time-Out - by Ayelet Waldman

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