Mar 25, 2011

Family Meeting

Oppss.. sorry. It's not actually a family meeting. More like family lepaking. My mom will be going for her i-lost-count umrah together with most of my family (my mom side). Oleh sebab ramai family yang akan berangkat today.. me, hubby, kids and my younger brother buat la aktiviti 'menyemak beramai2' semalam.

Rupanya ramai juga family lain yg dtg melawat. Hotel pun tidak macam hotel sudah. More like circus. With all the kid (ok lah, my kids.. huhuhu) running around the hotel macam saja baru keluar penjara. Buat malu aku ja ni...

Aktiviti wajib : MAKAN

Taklimat ringkas tentang... sorry I can't remember. My body as you can see is there, somehow my mind is in the sleep mode.

The three cousineers..

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