May 21, 2014

Hello Kuala Perlis

I know. I know. I know.

Seems like I have so much free time that I some how manage to post a few entries in a few days. Probably because of this apps that I can update secara live in my mobile, or probably I have plenty of time waiting in an event or a meeting. May be a little bit of both. Who knows!

But here I am in Kuala Perlis. For the first time ever! I probably was here when I was little. I couldn't remember. But I will definitely remember this time! I really wish my husband and the kids was here.

It was a brief visits actually. We got our dinner all the way here. Kira macam upacara penutupan la kunun.

Eventhough it was short, but it's definitely owesome! 

Masjid Terapung Kuala Perlis

It was sunset. So, it's georgous!

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