May 20, 2014

Here in Kedah

Due to my absence in blogging world, (ohmygod~as if somebody is going to die if i did'nt blog!! 😱) i decided to install this apps for my mobile. Probably i'm the last person in the world doing it and still feels like i'm the king of the world. 😎

So here i am in alor setar kedah. I'm supposed to attend a week course in kl, yet i'm stranded here due to some order from high-above.. 😓

While looking at the plane ticket, i have some sort of 'feeling' (or is it a de javu?). 20 years ago, i was supposed to go to kedah for a netball tournament. Yep.. ME training so hard i thought i might die, but in the end i didn't go. My mom thought PMR is cruicial to my life that she has to say no. My replacement player is sooo lucky!

More than 10 years ago, i got an offer to further my study in uum, kedah. Of course, i'm excited and all. Once again, my mom has to say no. It's to far and to dangerous for a girl to travel alone (you know la.. Naik bas and all). So, there goes my chances to kedah.

And finally today, i'm here. Eventhough the airport is quite small, the view is fascinating. The food is waaaayyyy to cheap! (I thought i was living in 80's).. 

The funny thing is i actually booked a tabung haji hotel alor setar. Since it's suggested by urusetia. Once we arrived, we rode a shuttle (provided by the hotel).. A few seconds later, we're already there! In SECONDS!. The hotel can be seen from the airport. Probably 700m? Or may be less.

This is my first attempt in blogging using a mobile. If this attempt is a success, you probably will see more of me next time.. 😝

Aiport in the middle of sawah bendang. What a view. The airport is actually the building yg samar2 di hujung sana. May be since it's morning, selubungi kabus la pula..

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