Mar 7, 2014

Movie : Non-Stop [2014]

Just like the title, it's a non-stop post. Hahahaha..

Last night, kononnya mau bawa Haikal tengok movie since my youngest is in Labuan with his grandma. So, it's a movie time for me, hubby, Haikal and Dyana.

Asalnya mau tengok movie pasal LEGO, but in the end the mom is getting selfish and wanted to watch the new movie of her favorite uncle Liam. Somehow Kevin Costner is not interesting as uncle Liam anymore. Not even close! So, the mom choose Non-Stop over 3 days to Kill.

The movie is about an Air Marshall trying to catch the person who threaten to kill each of the passenger every 20 minutes until 150 millions is bank-in into an off-shore account. It's a international flight that took 6 hours (more or less) and about 150 passenger on board. Kalau 1 jam, 5 orang mati. Kalau 6 jam, 6x5 = 30 passenger. Secara logiknya, in the worse case scenario 120 passengers can be saved. But being an Air Marshall, that's not the case. Rather than tossing one passenger to death every 20 minutes (macam korban), each passenger nampaknya begitu berharga. So, he had to stop the killing. Tau apa yang paling menarik? I'd only get to know 'si penjahat' 15 minutes before the movie is over. Of course la since we had 150 suspects on the plane. I was more busy looking at other passengers than watching the movie (macam la aku boleh tolong sangat). But somehow semua yg aku suspect, semua salah. So did my husband.   

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